New York State Statutory Disability Insurance

In New York State and you have employees, this benefit is mandated by New York State, with almost no exceptions. All insurance companies provide the same core benefit. A 7-day wait for either sickness or accident, 50% of gross weekly earnings, maximum weekly benefit of $170.00 and a maximum benefit period of 26 weeks. For fewer than 50 employees there is a rate for males and a rate for females. Over 50 employees the rate will be determined by experience (rates determined by prior year loses) or based on payroll. Whether a community rated plan (under 50 lives) or experience rated (50 plus) you look for the lowest priced carrier. This is a benefit that is a 24 hour a day, seven days a week, non-work related benefit. This coverage which is provided by the Employer, is usually added with a short term or long term disability insurance.

NYS DBL Markets Available:

CIGNA Group Insurance

CNA Insurance Companies 

First Rehabilitation Life

Guardian Life Insurance Company  

Hartford Life 

Highmark Life

National Benefit Life

Standard Security Life 

Zurich Insurance Company



For  1 – 50 Employees :   

         A  Fax copy of your most recent bill

For 50 or More Employees:  

         Number of Male & Female Employees

         Current Carrier

         Current Rate’s

         Renewal Rate

         Three Years of Premiums vs. Claim History


To receive under 50 Ee rates, or to request a formal experienced rated quote,  please complete the following