Group Accident & AD&D

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Complete Accident Protection� that goes where you go!

Our global economy requires more employees and their families to travel abroad. Boeing has forecast that air travel will triple by the year 2013. With increased travel comes a higher incidence of accidents. Business travel accident insurance provides for employer and employee travel needs.

With this policy, Employer paid AD&D can be provided to employees traveling anywhere for business or pleasure. In addition, benefits are payable above Workers� Compensation payments.

We are a General Brokerage Agency and have the markets to provide your Employees with AD&D protection at economical costs. Eligibility can be tailored to individual Employer needs. Coverage may be extended to include Non-Employee Directors, Corporate Aircraft and War Risk Coverage.

Special points of interest:

Employer Paid

Limits of $1,000,000 + AD&D Available

Losses paid up to One Year From a Covered Loss

5 Life Aggregate Limit per Accident as a Result of Multiple Losses



Loss of use Benefit

Seat Belt Benefit

Comatose Benefit Rider

War Risk Coverage

Felonious Assault Benefit

Substitute Aircraft

Commutation Coverage

hijack/Skyjack Benefit

Personal Deviation

Day Care Benefit

Higher Education benefit

Spouse Training Benefit

Terrorism Coverage

Now Available 

Worldwide Travel Assistance

What if you needed to be evacuated to a hospital for specialized care? What would you do if you had a real emergency far from home??

As an enhancement to your Business Travel or 24-hr AD&D, WA�s travel assist can be easily accessed when you are faced with emergencies while traveling 100 or more miles from home. Just one call puts you in contact with international network of professionals providing medical, informational, legal and personal assistance. Assistance service such as:


Emergency Medical & Dental Services, Medical Monitoring, Medical Evac\Repatriation, Hospital Admin & Medical Pymts, Prescription Assist, Repatriation of Remains


Legal Referral, Advance of Bail


Lost baggage services, Translation & Interpretation, Emergency Messaging, Emergency Ticket replacement, Lost document replacement, Emergency advance of funds, Return of Vehicle.

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