People who want to supplement their Medicare hospital and medical coverage may apply for Medicare supplement insurance because:

bullet Medicare does not cover all health care bills
bullet Medicare has deductibles and co-payments for some services
bullet the full amount for services not covered by Medicare must be paid…and Medicare Supplement coverage can help pay some of the costs Medicare doesn�t cover

What do most Medicare Supplement  plans offer?

Other than paying these bills out of your own pocket, which not everyone can afford, you may select a Medicare supplement insurance policy to:

bullet help reduce out-of-pocket costs for hospital, doctor and other medical expenses that Medicare does not cover
bullet help protect your retirement savings from escalating medical costs

Depending on the coverage you select and where you live, a Medicare supplement insurance policy may help pay some of the expenses not paid by Medicare such as:

bullet Part A deductible and
bullet skilled nursing facility care
bullet extended hospital care
bullet physicians� services, hospital outpatient services and supplies, ambulance service, physical and speech therapy
bullet health care received outside the U.S.

What�s more, most Medicare Supplement policies should include coverage’s such as:

bullet changes as Medicare changes
bullet is guaranteed renewable
bullet offers a no-risk 30-day free look � return the policy for a refund if the coverage does not meet your satisfaction